That's quite a bold statement, considering some of the hatchet jobs that the "Star-Spangled Banner" has received over the years.  Rosanne Barr, anyone?

However, if you can stomach the performance for it's entirety (2:40!) I think you might agree. 
The song, traditionally sung before many a sporting event, was crucified by an otherwise seemingly charming 11-year-old girl named Harper Gruzins at an M.L.S. match in Dallas on Saturday.

Normally, kids are off-limits when it comes to criticism but this attempt seems to be such a self-indulgent version of another sacred cow, our nation's anthem, that the critics are dog-piling on the young lady.

Some are posing the question as to whether or not it's appropriate to shellack a youngster so publicly.

Personally, I blame crappy reality T.V. shows like "American Idol," "The Voice," etc. for perpetuating the idea that there are a bevy of untapped talents out there just waiting to be discovered.  That, along with a healthy dose of egalitarianism doled out by the modern age we live in and parents who have been conditioned to tell their kids "if they can dream it, they can be it," gives us cringe-worthy moments like this.

Hopefully, the young lady isn't too severely damaged by the backlash and moves on to find another pursuit worthy of what ever other talent or interest she may have.  Singing, clearly isn't one of them.  At least, singing in front of 20,000 people.


What do you think?