We have had some really good acts and plays come to Yakima Valley but honestly they are few and far between. I want more of it all!    There are so many things that would work if they came here. I asked around the Radio Station what things that people would like to see and here is what I got.

We will start with me..

-  Comic Con - Maybe not the huge scale that goes down in LA but something of that nature.

-  A Collectible Show - Coins, Stamps, Comic Books, Records, Sports cards or whatever is cool to collect.

-  Outdoor concerts featuring bigger groups like Metallica.

-  Outdoor Sportsman Show - A sportsman show that caters to the actual sportsman. Showing how to use a gun, a bow or a fly rod ect.

-  Get local plays, movies and bands more of a chance.  (Todd's idea too)

John Riggs Ideas...

- Musicals - Real musicals that rock like 'Wicked'.

-  Big Comedy Acts - Seinfeld, Adam Sandler ect.

-  John also agrees with the Comic Convention

Todd Lyons...

- Todd agrees with all of the above and more blues music and more classic acts like Paul Simon, Steve Miller ect...

What are your thoughts? Gather up your points and take the survey! Let us know what you think.