My kids and I visited the Yakima Maker Space on First Street in downtown a few months ago. I was not sure what to expect but when I got there, it was amazing. It was fun and the kids could learn a ton. I learned a few things myself. The Maker Space needs your help. John Stolie let me know that they are having a meeting May 14 to discuss financing for this amazing place.

We need funding to finish the electrical in the raw space and to hire a staff member.  The insurance company will not let us open unless we have a paid staff member.  Once we get that we will be fully sustainable on memberships and workshops.


The Maker Space is also having a pottery class for the kids starting May 15 at 3:30 till 5:30. It is $100 per kid and that includes all of the material, firing and finishing of the pottery. The class goes every Thursday for 4 weeks. For more information and to get your kids involved visit Yakima Maker Space website.

We are also opening up a Maker Exchange, which is a retail store that you can either buy things made by local makers or sell things that you make.  We plan on keeping a fee similar to eBay.  It will be a great place to see what other makers in the valley are making.

And enjoy the Maker Space like I have.