Yakima is a very lucky city.  We have, in the world, the youngest mayor that has ever been. Micah Cawley! Not only is he extremely successful at his politics of sorts, he is also an exceptional Disc Jocky with Townsquare Media. I have worked with him for a year and half now and could never be happier to work with someone that is always in a good mood, good at what he does but and he is running our fine city of Yakima. He is a huge WWE fan and gets to meet everyone I haven't! HA (I am a little jealous!) I guess I would pick him for President because of his extremely strong values and his business sense and the fact that he has more Balls than any president we have ever had. He speaks his mind but very diplomatically and with a kind of grace that everyone seems to listen and understand and believe his point. I tried to find fault in this guy because he is so young and I tried to argue with him on many points as well.  Politically, he has always won.  I do need to teach him more about music since Kelly Pickler is his favorite artist! HA but, to make a long story short, he has made more things happen in Yakima than any president we have ever had in about 15 years for the entire country! I vote MAYOR MICAH FOR PRESIDENT!