Yakimisms are some of the things that we who live and work in the Yakima are find unique to our community. The kind of things that make us chuckle and say "Yeah, that's Yakima!"


We've talked about Yakimisms here before. About how we Yakimanians tend to put an apostrophe "S" on just about everything. Or, how we often tend to dwell on the negative aspects of our city when there are plenty of good things going on.

Today's Yakimism springs from a conversation with my colleague and Yakima native, John Riggs from 107.3 KFFM. John brought up the fact that people in Yakima, when describing a business or retail location, don't give an address. Instead, they describe the location  by way of what used to be there. For instance, people don't describe the location of downtown Yakima's Hilton Garden Inn as 401 E. Yakima Ave. They say "Where Mervyn's used to be." (Or if you're older like me, you say "Where People's used to be.")

John's example was the location of Yakima's Home Depot.  The address is 2115 S. First St. Does anybody say that? No. They say "Where the Country Store was."

I can think of plenty of other examples. How about you? If you can, drop me an email at brianteegarden@townsquremedia.com so we can share them in a future blog.