Welcome to Yakima, the Palm Springs of Washington. It's the infamous sign welcoming travelers on I-84 on their way to or from Seattle. Many of us were born and raised in Yakima and will probably die in Yakima. It's been the butt of many jokes, but it's home.

Like how people of race or religion can make fun of themselves, it's perfectly okay to make fun of our hometown. We reached out to our staff, friends and family and came up with a small list of ways you to tell if you really are from here.

You're know you're from Yakima when...

...you've been beat by a chicken at Tic-Tac-Toe at The Country Store
...you're not confused when people call it "Yaki-Vegas" or offended when they call it "Crackima"
...you know about Harvey Moon
...Crusin' the Ave was an acceptable way to spend your nights
...you'll watch anything that has Kyle McLaughlin in it
...you don't see anything wrong with parking on someone's front lawn to save a few bucks at the Sundome
...you go to Ron's Tacos and Burgers for their gigantic ice cream cones
...you still refer to Nob Hill Plaza as Ward's Plaza
...you grew up on Kemper burgers
...you've lost flesh sliding down the metal slides at the old McDonalds playground
...you've ice blocked down the Franklin Terraces
...you know the only reason they have the "teacher conference day" at the local schools is because of Snyder's Day (now Franz Day) at the fair. You would've skipped school anyways.
...you know where you find Pickle Fizz
...you know someone who knows someone who has seen Bigfoot
...you still have a vile of Mt. St. Helens ash
...hearing about a 'Drive-By' isn't all that newsworthy as it happens all the time
...you know where "The Hole" is
...you've been designated to cram inside the trunk to sneak in to the drive-in
...you learned to play an instrument at Talcott's
...two words "Cheese Zombies"
...you still call Yakima Regional "St. E's"
...you were amazed by 'Taco: The Wonder Dog'
...you will argue until you're blue in the face that no burger is bigger than a "Big Miner"

There are, of course, many more that should be added to this list. So much so it has it's own facebook page. Tell us in the comments below. How else do you know you're from Yakima?