My third favorite guitar player is Zakk Wylde. Hell, I even got Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhodes and Zakk Wylde guitars tattooed on me! So you can imagine my surprise when Todd came walking in the studio with this guitar! I about freaked out.

But then he told me the story of Timmy from The Basement was cleaning and decided to give a few things away. I guess Timmy had the guitar in basement trunk doing NOTHING for the last ten years! Are you kidding Timmy?

How in the lords name could you leave such and amazing thing in a closet knowing that one of your fellow DJ's would die to won that? ME!!

The guitar was signed by Zakk on an Ozzy tour bus on May 5th, 2003!

I am still in shock! HA But besides giving me [Kelly West] the guitar, which would be the right thing to do, how do you suggest we give this away?