Earlier this morning, we had the pleasure of speaking with "Glen Tate," author of 299 Days - a fictional account of a man who realizes he needs to prepare for a coming economic and political collapse.

Photo courtesy: 299 Days publicity

As "Glen Tate" is a pen name, the author's true identity has been cloaked as the writer currently holds a sensitive position in the state's capitol of Olympia, forcing him to keep his actual name out of public.

Tate has observed the underbelly of government and politicking for many years and has a unique insight to what could be a very feasible and realistic breakdown of government and, ultimately, society.

It is for these reason he, personally, chose to begin to prepare himself and his family (unbeknownst even to his wife!) and what compelled him to write his series of 10 books, the eighth of which was most recently released.

The author shared his experiences as he went about this process with me this morning.  You can hear it here:

The books have been wildly successful and there is now plans to make the story into a full length feature film.

You can purchase copies of the books and find out more at www.299Days.com

Here is a short trailer involving many of the real life people who became characters in the book who are now spearheading a Kickstarter campaign to raise the requisite monies needed to produce the film version of the series.  Featured is 15th District Representative David Taylor of Moxee.