Let's face it, making the choice to brown bag it or leave the office for lunch is a lot easier these days. From the new Dickey's or Chipotle, it is nice to have choices, but nothing beats that place you and your friends eat a few times a month that you just can't find in other cities. These are the five places you find locals.

1.  The Tea Garden at 110 4th St, Downtown

Nothing is better than the taste of fresh General Tso's and fried butterflies filled with cream cheese at lunch. While not the only lunch buffet in town, for lunch it is hard to beat the Thai curry dishes or authentic fried rice.

2. Nino's Mexican at 1601 E Washington

Now near the mall, Nino's is where you go for that great taco truck taste without the questIonable taco truck experience. You choose your ingredients and toppings similar to eating at Chipotle, but with more traditional Mexican food flavor that locals crave. Plus, there are TV's instead of hipster music.

3. The City Mix at 101 S Rivard in Moxee

Most folks that go to The City Mix for lunch are probably there to order their huge heaping burgers. With several flavors of ice cream and pizza and AMAZING cinnamon rolls, this place has been one of Henderson's favorites since they were Sweat Treats in Selah. Todd and the gang will treat you right at lunch with call ahead orders available.

4. Antojitos Mexicanos at 3512 Summitview

Probably the most popular sit down Mexican food place. For non-locals that are put off by being charged for the salsa and chips, the chance to try six different kinds soon wins them over. The word "spoiled" has been used when leaving this local Mexican food favorite.

5. Daniel's Kitchen at 204 E Naches Ave in Selah

Just a five minute drive north from downtown, Daniel's is found just past Tree Top and from the generous portions of yakisoba to the pancake breakfast this place wins you over on the first visit. Daniel serves up a solid selection of country favorites and the staff makes you feel at home. When the lunch is more about the comforts of good cooking and friendly staff, Daniel's is worth the trip to Selah.

With all the new local and national food eateries opening here in the Yakima area, it's easy to take the best places for granted. Considering most of the high-end chefs in Seattle source their food from here in the Yakima area, it makes sense we would be home to some truly great local eateries.


The sign says "not just waffles anymore" and they do have some of the best biscuits and gravy and omelets you'll ever have on a snowy workday. Located on 1st Street all the way on the north end of Yakima, this local favorite is where you go for breakfast!

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