Please be aware that a “Snow Alert” has been issued by the City of Yakima.

When a snowfall reaches three inches in depth, which it now has, a “Snow Alert” is issued, triggering a series of steps to more efficiently and effectively get streets cleared of snow as quickly as possible.

A key part of the Snow Alert protocol is to let car owners know they need to move their vehicles from designated snow routes as soon as possible.  The snow routes are primarily centered in the downtown core.  Cars can be moved from snow routes to any street not posted as a snow route or to any City public parking lot.

Cars that are not removed from designated snow routes can be towed and their owners fined up to $50 per violation.

To see a map of Yakima snow routes, along with the rest of the priority plowing routes throughout the city, click on the following link -

People can find out more about the Snow Alert that has been issued by looking at posts on the City’s various communications platforms, paying attention to local media reports, or can call 575-3015.

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