More than 600 rescued cats and dogs are being flown across the country from Hawaii and over 30 have landed in Walla Walla at The Blue Mountain Humane Society.

If you've been watching BMHS's Facebook feed, you've seen the amazing videos of these rescued dogs and cats that'll be flying from Hawaii and flying to several states to be adopted out. You can also check out more details on the story here.

The Blue Mountain Humane Society's plane landed yesterday and these wonderful animals will be soon available to be adopted.

Rik Mikals
Rik Mikals

The program is called Wings Of Rescue along with Great Good Charities are flying over 600 animals from Hawaii to Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.

The animal shelters in Hawaii are overflowing with animals during the pandemic so many organizations are coming together to figure out a way to spread the animals out.

The solution was for several pet rescues to share the load with all the animals and it's an amazing event and journey for these loveable animals and that's how some of these amazing animals have arrived in Walla Walla.

Below is a video right before the animals left Seattle to Walla Walla

It's the largest pet rescue flight in history and some of those animals are now residing at the Blue Mountain Humane Society and will soon be available for adoption. The animals landed safetly and are now getting lots of love, excercise and rest. You can follow the story of these amazing animals here and if you feel the need to make a donation, they would love that too.

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