• Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack kicked off the 6th Annual Feds Feed Families Campaign Tuesday.Vilsack says the spirit of service runs deep across the federal government and this campaign offers another opportunity to give back to communities and neighbors in need. Since the initiative began five-years ago - Vilsack says federal employees have donated more than 24 million pounds of food.

    The drive will run through August 27th. For more information - visit the USDA website.

  • Now that Seattle has passed a massive minimum wage hike, what will be the implications for the rest of the state and on across the country?The Seattle City Council passed a $15 minimum wage ordinance that will gradually raise the wage to the $15 level over several years. It is the highest minimum wage in the nation.

    Small businesses are keeping a close eye on the increase and many others are concerned as well. According to the plan, small businesses will have a more gradual increase. No doubt some small businesses will find it difficult to make ends meet with the increase.