So, Major League Baseball is to start in about a week with a truncated 60-game season. Weird enough but even weirder will be the fact that there will be no fans in the stands. What's a 'Seamhead' like me to do? I had my 18 year streak of attending Opening Day end this year and by the time next season rolls around, it will be nearly TWO YEARS since I've been able to take in a Mariners game with friends and family at T-Mobile Park in Seattle.
Welp, the Mariners rolled out a creative way for us fans jonesing to see a game still be a virtual part of the game. Their calling it "Seat Fleet" and for just $30, you can upload a picture and they will make a cardboard cutout of your likeness that will be seated in the stands at every home game!

The cutouts will be randomly placed throughout the stadium on game days so you can't pick exactly where your image sits. One cool thing is that the cutouts are recyclable and some of the money is going to benefit COVID-19 relief, but the BEST thing???

If you cutout "catches" a foul ball (basically, gets hit) the Mariners will send you the actual game-used ball in the mail! How freaking cool is that?!?!

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Another neat feature is that if you and your friends/family all send your pictures in the same order, they will make sure to have them seated next to each other!

They do have a couple of stipulations as to what you CAN'T wear in your photo though. No advertising, political statements, jerseys of other teams or garb critical of opponents (Dang, there goes my "Yankees Suck" t-shirt!). However, I think it would be cool to rep the 509/Yakima Valley in some way, I just have to think of it.

How awesome would it be to see yourself and your fellow fans on TV even though you're watching from home?!?! AND to possibly "catch" a foul ball? Fuhgeddaboutit!


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