I've lived in Yakima now for about 8 months, I've learned a lot about the city and myself, but I can tell you before my journey I didn't hear anything good about the valley.

My own mother told me "They don't even have a car lot, are you sure you wanna go there?" Of course, she was wrong and didn't even know it. Yakima has so much more to offer than the state even realizes. So here's a list of the 5 things I didn't think I'd find in Yakima but am in total love with.

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5.) Drink N Games

With the thought there wasn't even a car lot in Yakima you could guess my surprise to find a bar that caters to nerds! My entire life I've been into video games, comic books, you name it, if it was nerdy I was about it. So when I heard there was a bar arcade in Yakima it became the first stop on my exploration.

Not only do they have classic games I grew up on, but they also have some amazing food to go along with it. The pizza, gaming, and beers brought me back to my youth...well the pizza and games did the beer made it all the better. This is a must check out the bar for any nerd in the Yakima Valley.

4.) 1 Up Gaming

I promise the list gets less nerdy but for now, I'm still losing my mind about this place. 1 Up Gaming is home to the biggest Funko Pop Collection in Yakima county, they also carry everything gaming from the latest console games all the way back to the original Sega genesis.

The staff is always welcoming and will let you check out whatever you want even their higher-priced items. If you're a collector, gamer, or just wanna find something from your youth this is the place to go. It's right on Nob hill next to the Safeway if you ever get curious.

3.) The Most Delicious food 

You could imagine my surprise when hearing nothing but the negatives to find so many restaurants that have blown my tastebuds out of the water. 2nd Street Bar and Grill has become a go-to spot to bring friends and family when they're visiting the Yakima area, granted so is Sportscenter, El Riconcito, and of course Cowichie Canyon.

The food out here is next level and rivals anything I ever found in western Washington, people really need to recognize the delicious cuisine out here.

2.) The Orion Theater

If you're a movie lover or just love a fun experience in the theater this is the one to go to. It is 21 and up because they serve alcohol, like the right to your seat. Not to mention they have delicious restaurant meals made by real chefs, you can get a meal to go perfectly with your movie since they even make special items to fit the film you're watching, this is going above and beyond in my book.

1.) Car Lots

C'mon, you had to see this one coming, I was told Yakima didn't even have one, turns out they have multiple streets with car lots and every car you could imagine. Yakima gets a bad rap because it's not on the west side but in reality, this is a hidden slice of heaven.


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