If you noticed a few more people in camo lately, it's because it is prime hunting season.

Local mallards are providing excellent early-season hunting opportunities for waterfowl hunters throughout the region according to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. General hunting seasons for ducks, geese, coots and snipe continue through Jan. 28.

November is prime time for hunting in Washington whether for elk, deer, or waterfowl.

Hunters end the modern firearms season for elk November 15, then stalk deer during the late buck hunt Nov. 16-19. State officials say records show that approximately one-third of the southwest Washington region’s annual buck harvest occurs during this four-day hunt, when the rut is on and bucks are on the move.

Archers and muzzleloaders also have late-season hunting opportunities in select game management units (GMUs) in southwest Washington. Archery hunts for deer and elk begin Nov. 22, when muzzleloaders also return to the field to hunt deer.

The harsh winter of 2016-17 appears to have taken a toll on deer throughout the region, particularly in Klickitat County. Hunters may see somewhat lower success rates for antlerless and spike deer, but black-tailed deer populations remain stable.

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