Congrats Yakima County! All that mask wearing has paid off! We are now in modified Phase 1!

Starting today (Thursday August 27th), we take another step to normal! The Yakima Health District approved the move last night. It’s a mixture of Modified Phase 1 and Phase 2. There are a total of 4 Phases in all.

Here’s what we can expect.

Quincy Market Reopens
Pubs And Restaurants To Close Nationwide In Fight Against Coronavirus

Yakima County restaurants, taverns, breweries, wineries and distilleries may open to indoor guests at 25% capacity, using Phase 2 guidance. Indoor dining? What's that like? Let's find out!

First Baptist Church
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Churches are now allowed to host indoor services at 25% capacity or up to 50 people, whichever is less, using Phase 2 guidance. Along with a limited number of indoor guests, churches may host outdoor services with up to 200 people. Previously only 100 people were allowed for outdoor services.

New Year's Resolutions Send Thousands To The Gym
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Time to get your fitness on again! Outdoor group fitness classes may begin! They're limited to five people per class, not including the instructor. Social distancing will be practiced.

Social Distancing at The Lab
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Social gatherings at household’s are now allowed outdoors - limited to five people per gathering.

Retailers Closed Thanksgiving 2020
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Retail stores may expand occupancy slightly, from 25 to 30%.

New Home Construction At The Highest Level In 17 Years
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Construction and manufacturing operations remain under Phase 2 guidelines. Real estate may now follow Phase 2 guidelines, with 25% occupancy.

Bad Morning
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Personal services remain the same, though professional services will be under Phase 2 guidelines of 25% occupancy and a limit of 30 minutes per customer.

England Media Access
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Professional photography and domestic services move to Phase 2 guidelines, which are what restaurants, taverns, breweries, wineries and distilleries will be following.

In other changes, team gymnastics and outdoor card rooms are also allowed Phase 2 guidance. Outdoor card rooms in designated areas are limited 50 people.

In all, keep that pesky mask handy as most places will still require them depending on the activity.

Again congrats to Yakima County! One more step towards “Normal”!


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