The Canadian government says it will not be bullied in Trans-Pacific Partnership talks. The response comes as the United States ratchets up pressure on Canada’s heavily protected dairy sector ahead of what could be the final round of talks for the TPP deal. A Canadian publication, the Globe and Mail, reports more than 20 members of the U.S. Congress have written a letter to the Canadian government accusing it of being “unwilling to seriously engage in market access discussions regarding dairy” during Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations. At issue is opening up Canada’s sheltered dairy industry to foreign competition.

More than 120 stakeholders have set the goal for continuously improving beef sustainability. The U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable beef met last week in Denver. It was the roundtable’s first General Assembly meeting. Board Chair Nicole Johnson-Hoffman of Cargill said “continuously improving beef sustainability requires the cooperation and collaboration of every segment of the beef value chain, from the rancher to the consumer.”