WTF: Easter Beer!
You get eggs from a rabbit to celebrate a religious holiday with fake grass in a wicker basket... nothing about this holiday makes sense so why not drink!
It's an Easter Keg hunt!
Who says Easter egg hunts have to be for kids? For that matter, who says they have to be for eggs?
Why not beer? Yeah! And we could call it an Easter KEG Hunt!
That's exactly what Yakima Craft Brewing Co. was thinking ...
There are a lot of stupid people walking around. A LOT.
I'm about to give you a helpful tip so that you are not accidentally confused with one, or all, of them.
Where's the party?
Spring break is here. It's the season of Easter, planting flowers and just having a good old time. I work every single day and when you are a parent it is 24/7.  You don't stop. Being a parent is a job in itself. So, if you are in collage, for crying out loud, take a spring break.

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