Father’s Day

Nominate Your Dad to Lead the Father's Day Parade!
You know all those ties your dad has received for Father's Day over the years? Well, this might be an occasion for him to actually WEAR one of them.
The city of Union Gap and Prestige Motors are looking for a grand marshal for this year's Old Town Father's Day Parade -- and they're counting on you to…
Rootin', tootin' and shootin'!
Union Gap Old Town Days is an excellent celebration. There is so much to do on June 18 at Fulbright Park. The Celebration kicks off at 10 a.m. with the Union Gap Old Town Days parade on Main Street and First.
It's your day, dad
My dad's not big on celebrating Father's Day or even his own birthday (which was just about three weeks ago), but since he just turned 71 and, as he says, has more days behind him than ahead, I thought I'd at least give him some love on this here ol' website!
Night is calling ...
Here we go! Starting this week, another season of Downtown Summer Nights is set to fill your Thursday evenings with music and laughter all summer! The food will be excellent and so will the drinks! It all starts again this Thursday (June 16) from 5:30-9 p.m. at our new location -- Front Street.
Slipknot for Pop
If you still bear the scars of growing up with an emotionally unavailable father, 94.5 KATS is here for you.
Tell us your daddy-downer story, and if it moves us to tears (or at least kind of bums us out), we'll give you the next best thing to a noose: some primal-scream therapy at the Slipk…
Take a shot for Daddy
Are you a daddy's girl? Do your old man's veins pop every time he thinks somebody's looking at you with impure thoughts?
Well, here's your chance to thank him for passing along all those great genes -- and for keeping such a close eye on you...

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