Father’s Day

Todd’s Take: Why My Life is Better Since Coronavirus
Just like you, sometime I just don't know what to make of this craziness that we have all had to learn how to adapt to over the last three-plus months since stay-at-home- orders were put into place due to the coronavirus pandemic.
I do know this, however, I have discovered some silver linings d…
The List of Amazing Summertime Foods You Need to Grill.
You know what I really love about summertime? Yeah, pretty much everything! The sun, warm temps, three-day weekends at Lake Chelan or on a remote golf course and naturally, outdoor cooking. Outdoor grilling, barbecuing, smoking and outdoor entertaining is something I love year-round but there's…
Nominate Your Dad to Lead the Father's Day Parade!
You know all those ties your dad has received for Father's Day over the years? Well, this might be an occasion for him to actually WEAR one of them.
The city of Union Gap and Prestige Motors are looking for a grand marshal for this year's Old Town Father's Day Parade -- and they're counting on you to…

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