WA Highways Filled With Drunks
This is a "sobering" photo from the Washington Department of Ecology.
A group of volunteers cleaning trash along I-5 near Lynnwood probably expected numerous bottles, as would anyone that has ever volunteered to pick up public trash.
This is different...
Don’t Blame Canada For Smoke
We have our own fires to blame for the extended air quality warnings here in Washington.
Sure, the smoke filled sky and air that started over a week ago now did begin with smoke from Canadian wildfires. Since then, multiple fires here in Washington have sprung up and with even the usually wet western…
Camping With Burn Bans
It is a busy weekend around Rimrock Lake and the surrounding forest.
As I pulled through late Friday evening I could see many campers had not heard of the $250 fine their campfire could cost them.
Despite it being a packed weekend, I was amazed to find a spot overlooking the lake...
Wednesday’s I-82 Fire [PHOTOS]
Fire season is serious season in 2017.
It really takes very little to start a wildfire this year around Yakima.
From homeless camps to fireworks to cigarette butts, the usual suspects are lining up and taking their turns.
Here are pictures from the fire near Wapato, along I-82 this week...

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