All week you've been hearing about The Biggest Tour Ever EVER with Morgan Preston, Jason Stewart and friends, who are attempting to set the Guinness World Record for "Most Paid Comedy Gigs in One Year," among other world records. Chances at tickets for this weekend's shows can be yours with Timmy's Naughty Nooner!

The Biggest Tour Ever EVER will be hitting well over 200 shows in 200-plus cities and towns across North America. To make this tour even more interesting, they will be doing the tour initially via rail. In addition to the "Most Gigs" record they will be attempting to break other Guinness records consecutively in the same year that will be announced as the tour progresses.

You can come see and be part of this Guinness World Record attempt by seeing the show at the Laugh Lounge Comedy Club this Friday and Saturday (Jan. 23-24). Stay tuned all week to Timmy and his "Naughty Nooner" for your chance at tickets and tune into "The Big Show" later in the week to hear the comedians check in from the road!

Check out their Facebook page for the Biggest Tour Ever EVER!