The days of just rolling up a joint or smoking a boil are long gone these days with a variety of new ways to enjoy cannabis.

Here in Washington, "dabbing" is a very popular way to smoke cannabis. Dab wax is concentrated oil extracted from flower (regular buds).

Dabbers use butane torches to heat the nail or titanium bowl on their water pipes to vaporize the concentrated oil.

Instead of taking 30 minutes to smoke a joint, a dab hit takes just a few minutes and doesn't have the smell of smoke or the skunky burning weed smell. You can see the reasons some would choose to dab, but the use of butane torches is not without risk.

Always empty cans of butane completely before disposing of them to avoid scenes like this.

Some do-it-yourselfers trying to use butane to make the dab wax also pose a substantial risk to themselves and others. Used to be you had to worry about tweakers blowing your house up while they cook next door. Now it's the stoner using butane in a basement to extract cannabis oil that could blow you up.

Butane is a flammable gas. Leave it to the professionals.


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