I had an inkling that the inclination to regrettable inking might be inching higher.

But almost half of peeps with tatts?

The 'ol "what the heck was I thinking" ink.

Any regrets?

A new survey from casino.org of 1000 people already sporting tattoos with some trepidation about having ink done, says almost half regret at least one of them. And the types of tatts they're most likely to regret are:

1. Someone's name (almost one-third of men and nearly 25% of women)

2. An Asian character

3. A tribal pattern

4. A star constellation

Tattoos are more popular and mainstream than ever, but some don't come guilt free.

The survey also found about one in three people have considered getting a tattoo removed but haven't done it yet . . . and one in four have already had one removed.

Even today, society still seems to judge women more for having tattoos. 15% of women felt shame from others for having a tattoo, compared to under 10% for men.

According to one of the study's authors: "This survey actually shows us a more complex picture. There are countless reasons why people get tattoos, but there are an equal number of reasons why they get them removed."


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