While everyone was worrying about Ebola in 2014, we forgot to worry about more important things... no not SARS, Bird-Flu, or H1N1... I'm talking about the normal, everyday, run of the mill, MUTATED FLU!

Now I'm not an advocate for getting the flu shot, I have my own reasons, but do what you think is best for you and your family, especially since the flu has spread into 43 states and as of the time I'm writing this has killed 21 children this season. Here's another interesting statistic... 6% of all doctor visits are for flu-like symptoms, compared with only 2% in a normal flu season, in other words, it is growing.

Why is it so widespread this year? Well some are saying it's because this year's flu vaccine isn't a good match for the nasty bugs going around, but still doctors are still suggesting that you get a flu shot even now if you haven't this year.