Washington state is a land of many things. We have four distinct seasons, we have hills and flatlands, forests and deserts, and just about everything else. The Culture Trip's website recently posted the 10 most beautiful cities in Washington state -- and Ellensburg and Prosser made the list.

Ellensburg isn't just a college town. It also features a lot of museums and downtown shopping. It's also host to many local events.

Prosser is a cool town just as it is. In the heart of wine country, it features some great food places, cobblestone walkways and gorgeous scenery that you'd find in a movie.

You can see how other cities rate on The Culture Trip's website. Leavenworth made the list as well as many others. Although only two local cities made the list, I'm happy with that.

What other cities in our area do you think should've made this list? Tell us in the comments.