When Tool released Opiate in 1992, few could guess the band would achieve cult status through songs celebrating spirituality, sacred geometry, gallows humor and an unbridled disgust for humanity.

Having released just over 50 songs over three decades, Tool's discography has always given preference to quality over quantity, inviting fans to dive down the wormhole of Maynard James Keenan's highly conceptualized and interpretive lyrics. Whether writing ballads for the apocalypse or philosophical guides for the existentialist, Tool's music drills deep into the listener, heightening their awareness of the world via the sonic equivalent of an acid trip.

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Venturing through Tool's rich catalogue, we've put together our list of Every Tool Song Ranked from least to most essential. Check it out in the gallery below.

Entries by: Chad Childers, Graham Hartmann, Katy Irizarry, Rae Lemeshow-Barooshian

Every Tool Song Ranked

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