Everyone has at least one tradition or favorite holiday memory to pull from and based on your favorite Thanksgiving food you now can find out what state you are truly from.

For instance, I'm going to start off by claiming to be from Alaska and Nebraska, throw in a dash of California and Montana, give a shout-out to Illinois, and sadly I will not be claiming Washington State if that truly is the tradition we cling to most.

Ready, set, let's find out where you're from based on Delish's listing.

Washington State - I'll just come out and say it, Washingtonians are not known for sugar cookies, are we? It would be too obvious to say we start our Thanksgiving mornings off with a fresh pot of coffee...at least I know I will be doing so but inquiring minds need to know.

Charley Gallay

Alaska - starts it off right with ooey gooey cinnamon rolls

West Virginia - going outside of the box is all the rage in West Virginia so they are chowing down on Buffalo Chicken Dip

via Reesha Cosby

Wisconsin - isn't serving up giant wheels of cheese, no they are incorporating a shrimp dish into the Thanksgiving mix

Oregon - brings it back to reality with bread stuffing, so delicious

North Carolina - cornbread is a staple on the Thanksgiving table

Loving this seared brussel sprout side dish I discovered recently and going to be making again. Veggie on veggie on veggie

California - brings the green to the table, Brussel sprouts

You find the entire list of different states and what they are serving for Thanksgiving here

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May your holiday feasts be extra special and since 2020 had already reached new levels of, "what the what" maybe this year you add a new twist to your normal dishes, maybe you can start a new tradition.

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