Our favorite combo-breaking cyborg might take a little bit longer to get his Killer Instinct program to fully load.

MP1ST reports that the anticipated March update for Killer Instinct might have to be pushed back to April. Fans were looking forward to the final spot on the Killer Instinct roster being filled by the inclusion of Fulgore. This update also intends to add online lobbies for those watching other opponents duke-it-out while waiting for their turn at the winner, recreating an arcade feel. Another big addition was going to be Killer Instinct's story mode, which would definitely add more single-player value to this brawler.

Microsoft's creative director, Adam Isgreen, said the following in regard to this delay: “We are still aiming for March for the big Fulgore/Story/Lobby release. Yes, that’s risky, because the update is chock full of content and we’re 13 days from April. If we’re delayed out of March, it’s only because we’re being extra-careful to find and address any issues with this major content update.”

Look out for the update when it finally arrives on Xbox One.