What started out as an elaborate joke on April Fools' Day by Google has turned into an awesome reward for those who caught 'em all.

Kotaku reports that Google has started sending small prize packages to those who were able to locate every single Pocket Monster on the planet using the Google Maps app back in the beginning of April. As an April Fools' joke, Google updated its popular map app, scattering 150 of our favorite Pokemon throughout the world for users to collect. Users had to zoom in and pan across the entire planet using the app, finding creatures on the North Pole, on a random street in London, at the Eiffel Tower, etc. Google Headquarters was even converted to a massive Pokemon Center.

Reddit user Tinygrump has posted her reward sent to her directly from Google for finding every single Pokemon the company's app had to offer. Tinygrump was mailed a formal letter declaring her an official Pokemon Master and thanking her for playing with the app throughout April Fools' Day. She also received 10 personalized business cards summarizing her fictional employment at Google as a Pokemon Master. Just look at that crisp Poke Ball printed on the card opposite from the Google logo. Here's to hoping Tinygrump doesn't give her cards to all of her friends right away and tries to make copies somehow.


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