I have talked a lot this week about having to break down and replace the cracked radiator in my minivan.

One great thing about auto repair these days is that you no longer need fear somewhat easy repairs.

Believe it or not, watching how-to videos can prepare you to do things you used to have to buy a Chilton's manual to attempt.

Don't forget one last step after you get your rig back together!

So, if you're brave enough to attempt it, you can watch a video, buy the parts and do it yourself. Just keep in mind, there is a reason you pay mechanics -- they are professionals and usually worth the cost for major repairs.

Still, using videos found online I have successfully changed the water pump, hoses, associated pulleys, thermostat, radiator, brakes and rotors.

Why watch a video for a simple brake and rotor repair? Different makes, different models can vary so why not stay on the safe side? The videos are there as guides and they're free.

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