Remember a few weeks back when a woman climbed up the back of a T-Rex at the Dinosaur Park in Granger, Washington, and made headlines when she couldn't get back down to earth? The story made national news and was a viral sensation.

Our colleague Reesha on the Radio wrote about it and readers were enthralled to read about the escapade that required emergency services and rescuers to save the day. The formerly trapped woman was grateful and the T-Rex seemed somewhat relieved as well.

It all ended well, if not a little embarrassing, but one of the good things to come of the whole ordeal was that before reading Reesha's reporting on the issue, I must admit I'd never even heard of the Dinosaur Drive & Park in Granger. Since 1995 and for whatever reason, I've lived in the Valley I don't recall being aware of it. My grandson Max is visiting from Seattle and he's a dinosaur aficionado. My wife and I knew we needed to take him there and let him explore. He was thrilled when he heard about our plan, but was even more excited when we arrived

Max is 7 years old and has a load of energy, combined with a thirst for learning and knowledge. That combination added up to a very memorable and exceedingly fun trip to hang with the Granger Dinos.

I highly recommend this outing for kids and adults of all ages, You can check out this link for a brochure and map of the layout. DinoDrive-Brochure.

Granger Dino Park Fun

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