Thinking of taking a quick trip to someplace new and unique in Washington state? Just tell your GPS that you want to go to Humptulips and it'll oblige as it's a real place. Really!

Located on the west side of Washington state, just about a half-hour north of Aberdeen, you'll find yourself in the lovely town of Humptulips.

And why wouldn't you want to visit Humptulips? This place has it all.

  • Small-town feel with less than 300 people in about 10 square miles of land.
  • You can check out the Humptulips river.
  • Visit the Humptulips Salmon Hatchery.
  • Shop at the Humptulips grocery.
  • And, c'mon, the place is called Humptulips. Next time you're on that side of the state and happen to pass through, it may be worth a selfie in front of the sign.

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