One of a parent's worst nightmare is for their newborn to be born with complications. Young Waylon, our July CMN Miracle Family of the Month, was born not breathing.

The Labor and Delivery team at MultiCare Yakima Memorial Hospital worked earnestly to get airflow moving when young Waylon was born not breathing.

They immediately transferred him to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Waylon's parents held their strength together for five solid days as the NICU gave him medical services that saved his life.

When Waylon was able to go home, his parents were given tremendous support and a host of resources to continue giving him lifesaving services.

At age six month old, he was diagnosed with Cri-du-chat syndrome, which affected his his 5th chromosome. He experienced delayed development, weak muscle tone, aspiration, and the inability to hold weight.

Today, Waylon is five years old and even though there is currently no cure for Cri-du-chat syndrome, his parents are receiving many resources to keep him physically healthy, walking on his own, eating without a feeding tube, and prepping for grade school!

The Memorial Foundation offers families emotional support, financial assistance, and family-centered care throughout the year, and some of those services are funded by private donations.

The annual Children's Miracle Network Radiothon is coming up this year in October, and your generosity helps support families like Waylon's get through those many fearful moments.

Thank you so much for your empathy and continued monetary donations! Every dollar we raise in our Radiothon stays right here in the Yakima Valley to help our children in need!

See some more wonderful families who share their stories of perseverance with support of the Memorial Foundation, Children's Village, and MultiCare Yakima Memorial Hospital.

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