What the Color of Lightning Storms Can Tell You

Did you ever notice that lightning comes in multiple different color shades and that those colors actually mean something?


Colors of Lightning and What it Means in Washington State

Did you ever notice different colors in lightning storms? You may not have even noticed it before but those colors you see in lightning can actually tell you very important things about the storm.

There are at least 7 different things that you can learn about the approaching storm and how dangerous it might be, just by looking at the color of the lightning.


The Most Common Color of Lightning in Washington

The most common color of lightning is the color white, but you can see the full-color spectrum from red to ultraviolet. The color is most visible on the outer edges of the bolt or in the reflections of the light on the clouds in the area. The different colors are caused by multiple different weather conditions that can give you important information about a storm at a quick glance.

Did you know this about lightning?

According to Vasala, Washington is ranked #42 among all United States for lightning count. The Pacific Northwest just isn't too inclined toward lightning storms, which makes spotting one a special occurrence.

The Colors of Lightning You See in Washington Skies Mean...

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