Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne's U.K. home is "haunted as s--t."

The couple have returned to England after years living in Los Angeles, but their son Jack has admitted he hates being in their Buckinghamshire mansion, which is called Welders House, alone because of the ghostly presence in the building, which was previously used as a women's psychiatric hospital.

He is quoted by The Sun newspaper as saying: “Welders is f---ing haunted as s--t – I hate staying there by myself...

“When we were in Welders, we heard walking downstairs in Mum and Dad’s bedroom.

"We heard someone walking along the hall upstairs and thought someone had broken into the house. That was clear as day and it wasn’t a dog – it was footsteps coming down the hallway towards us.”

The 38-year-old star revealed one of his friends also had a creepy encounter in the middle of the night at the property.

He said: “My friend James would house-sit for us. A few years ago he was house-sitting and his baby had woken up in the night and he and his wife went in to take care of their baby and heard a woman singing in the house. They couldn’t figure it out.”

Sharon previously explained she hoped the move back to the U.K. would give Ozzy more privacy as he battles Parkinson's disease.

Speaking on the Woman's Hour podcast, Sharon explained: "A lot of it [the move] is for Ozzy to be able to live with some privacy. Because, where we live in the countryside, it's not full of paps and you know, it's not a busy little town. We have a lot of land so he will be able to walk around and pursue his hobbies that he loves doing without being bothered."

The couple spent four years planning the move, which was delayed several times due to ongoing renovations at their country house, but they have now made the switch and are planning to split their time between Britain and the U.S., where their kids live.

Sharon added: "My family will still be there [in the U.S.] so we will go back and fourth I'm sure, but our main place, we have switched it from being L.A. to England."

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