A nervous husband scheduled for a vasectomy got the laugh he needed thanks to his wife's pun-filled gift.

Ashley James recently shared a video of how she created the gift basket for their husband on Instagram where it has been viewed more than 4 million times.

Items In The Vasectomy Gift Basket

In the video, James cuts images resembling sperm cells out of white paper. She then attaches them to different treats while adding text to create hilarious vasectomy related puns.

ashjustine via Instagram
ashjustine via Instagram

All of the snacks are then arranged in a basket for her husband, Darius, with a simple note on the front saying "snip snip hooray."

Among the punny items in the basket were:

  • "Worry Free" Lays
  • "No More" Sour Patch Kids
  • "Sorry About Your" Ding Dongs
  • "Shooting" Milk Duds

"Today, hubby got his procedure so I'll be playing nurse for the week," the mother of three shared on Instagram.

The post also noted the idea for the basket came from Pinterest.

"He knew it was a simple procedure, but he was still really nervous, and I wanted to make him smile," Ashley told Today.com.

The Husband's Reaction To The Procedure

In a follow-up post, Ashley shared that she was allowed to sit with Darius during the procedure.

"The doctor and nurse were very cool, even played some Caribbean music during it (hubby's fav) which helped his nerves," she said in the post.

Ashley also added a video of her interviewing Darius about the whole ordeal.

"It's not as bad as I thought it was going to be, but I definitely feel like somebody kicked me," he says in the video.

Ashley later presented the gift basket once the couple returned home and the numbing medication had started to wear off.

"I was glad to be there for him just like he was there for me for all three of my births," Ashley shared on Instagram.

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