As the end of the year nears, Apple Music has launched their redesigned "Replay" experience to help users reflect on the year that was. Much like Spotify Wrapped does for Spotify users, Apple Music's "Replay" helps users do a deeper dive into their listening habits to pull up the most popular tunes of the past calendar year.

“When we first launched Replay, the feature became an instant fan favorite on Apple Music, and we really wanted to develop the experience further and make it even more special, personal and unique for subscribers,” said Oliver Schusser, Apple’s vice president of Apple Music and Beats. “The music we enjoy throughout the year becomes like a soundtrack, and it’s really fun to be able to go back and relive those meaningful and memorable moments over again.”

Beginning today (Nov. 29), Apple Music subscribers can use the Replay feature to learn their top songs, artists, albums and genres of the past year. Plus, superfans can even learn if they were in the Top 100 listeners of their favorite artist or genre.


For those wishing to use the "Replay" experience, simply visit and log in with the Apple ID that you use for Apple Music. Once there, you can play highlights from your music usage over the past year and scroll through the page for more detailed insights about your listening behavior.

There does appear to be a qualification element in order to use the "Replay" function, with users needed to listen to a certain amount of music to qualify. You can gauge your qualification with a personalized progress bar on the Replay website. Both playlist and insights eligibility happen within the same listening threshold. Once a user becomes eligible, they can then visit the Replay site to not only explore their stats, but listen to the music and share the results with others. "Replay" has also been localized with 39 languages representing 169 countries and regions where Apple Music is available.

For those wondering, since date is collected on your listening habits, Apple Music notes that Apple's standard privacy is maintained throughout the experience. The user insights are never shared, sold or used for marketing materials. The user can share their insights through their own discretion, but no other Apple Music subscribers or employees can obtain access to their statistical insights at any time.

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As stated, the Apple Music "Replay" has been redesigned. So what does that mean? The 2022 edition offers expanded listening insights, new functionality and it comes with a completely personalized highlight reel. Plus, as previously mentioned, superfans can see if they've made the cut of the Top 100 listeners for a particular artist or genre.

Plus, the "Replay" feature also allows users the ability to continue checking through Dec. 31 to see if their listening patterns have evolved before the start of the year, which means your statistical listening info could still change beyond what you might see if you checked your Replay today based on your continued listening through the month of December.

Also, in announcing the Apple Music "Replay" for 2022, Apple Music have also revealed their overall year-end charts for 2022. Fans can dig into 2022's Top Songs, see which songs had the Most Read Lyrics, explore Apple Music's top songs from their Fitness playlists and find out which songs were most discovered through the Shazam app. In addition, you can also discover the top songs of the year by country. Dive deeper into Apple Music's Year-End Charts here.

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