Remarkably, people of the internet are still using the social-based question and answer site Quora to seek advice to a wide array of questions, including a Christian mother who just did not know what to do about her 24-year-old son's love of rock music, which she dubbed "devil music." And the online community's responses were spot on.

It's a tale as old as time... or at least as old as the late '60s when occult themes began to infiltrate heavy music, leading to a full-blown Satanic panic in the 1980s. That movement has gained considerable traction again in recent years, especially in the United States where Christian values are entangled in politics despite separation of church and state as an (allegedly) instilled part of the country's system of laws and lawmaking.

Anyway, back to the topic of devil music and adults in their mid-20s living with their parents (there's nothing wrong with that — the state of economics for young people today is absolutely bonkers with housing and rentals both climbing in cost and decreasing in affordability).

The Quora Post About a Christian Mom's Son and His "Devil Music"

Seeking worthy advice, a Quora user posted the following back in 2019:

I'm a Christian mother and my 24-year-old son is listening to rock music. What do I do? By the way, he still lives in my house, and I don't want to hear his devil music from my room.

This plea for help presumes that all rock music (unspecified by the poster) is simply "devil music." It's an antiquated way of thinking and one rooted in general ignorance. Absolutely, yes, there are many Satanic/anti-Christian bands in rock and metal, but the entirety of the genre is not resigned to this narrow theme.

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The Spot On Responses to This 24-Year-Old's "Devil Music" + a Concerned Mom

Quite a lot of the responses not only dispelled the idea of all rock music being Satan's wicked and nefarious temptations to lead devout followers of Christ astray, but warned the parent that forcing her own personal beliefs on her son may lead to resentment and estrangement while also failing to prevent him from listening to the music of his own choice anyway.

"Lady, be thankful he's not into selling drugs to kids, conning old ladies into buying double glazing, torturing animals, or harassing women on the street," writes one commenter, who continues, "If he is a kind, caring, loving person, who's loyal, hardworking and charitable, then isn't that what a good Christian is?!"

This commenter also suggested that mom obtain a good pair of headphones for her son so she doesn't have to hear it, but do not try to stop him from listening to it because it can damage their relationship when he eventually moves out.

A non-theistic commenter also argued, "Just because you happen to be Christian doesn't mean that he wants to be," and that "shoving Christian stuff down his throat" will result in rebellion. This person also notes that "many people live very honest and decent lives without religion."

One critically important point that was raised was that the music is not something to be concerned about, but that lyrics are the point of contention. The commenter contends, "Rock is just guitars, drums and bass. What is evil about noise?" They proceed to talk about how heavy the U2 song "Vertigo" is and that "the lyrics are about kneeling and submitting to God," thus ruling out the notion that all rock music is "devil music."

Elsewhere, it's suggested that mom let her adult son make his own decisions in life rather than trying to continue to control his personal interests. On the flip side, one person said since he lives in her house, he should try to accommodate her demands by listening to rock music through headphones or earbuds as a compromise.

Someone even argued that Jesus Christ himself may have liked rock 'n' roll, since the son of God was quite the rebel too. "Maybe you should pray for understanding and unconditional love. Maybe you should remember that in his time, Jesus was a radical, anti-establishment rebel," remarked a Quora user.

A Harsher Response to Mom's Desire to Rid Her Home of Her Son's Devil Music

A member of the Christian faith recollected their own conflicted experience with religion and rock music. This person grew to like it and even supported their own child's love of the music and, in particular, the AC/DC song "Highway to Hell." The song, to some, can be viewed as a reminder of the roads that lead to an afterlife in Hell.

Ultimately, this person suggested that the mother "show him the door" if he does not respect the demands made in her home and that he be told to move out "even if he does not have a job or money." It was also encouraged that the mother "speak with an attorney because in many jurisdictions, you will need to go through an eviction proceeding since he has been living with you."

Evicting your own son through the legal system because of the music he chooses to listen to? Is that really love? As one earlier commenter notes, "Does the Bible not say, 'Judge not, lest ye be judged'?!"

Even More Responses

If you want to dig into the 100-plus responses to this post, you can do so right here.

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