Heavy metal undoubtedly has the ability to change people's lives, and such was the case for a young Steve-O. The Jackass star recently revealed one metal album had such a profound impact on him as a teenager it killed his sex drive.

During an interview with Metal Hammer, Steve-O named 10 albums that changed his life in some way. He named several classics from legendary metal bands, and among them was one album by Metallica that was so heavy it "alleviated" his sexual desire.

“That was a moment in time that was riddled with angst for me," he said. "I remember trying to cope with hormones and being overpowered by urges to have sex and shit like that, and all the angst that came with puberty and sexual desire was really alleviated by the brutality of Master Of Puppets.”

Steve-O also said that if, for whatever reason, a kid ever asks him what metal is, he'd hand them a copy of Slayer's 1986 album Reign In Blood. "It just got so real at that point," he explained. "It’s like when you go out on a piece of ice and it floats too far for you to be able to step back on dry land; I was definitely too far-gone to be integrated into any sort of normal social circle after hearing that album."

Metallica are currently gearing up to head on tour in April. Make sure to grab your tickets here —if you're not concerned about the effects it might have on your sex drive.

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