For those not following along, it was rock week on ‘X Factor,’ and one contestant took the challenge to the next level. Josh Krajcik delivered a moody, soulful rendition of Foo Fighters’ ‘The Pretender.’

It’s always hit or miss when someone takes a rock anthem and gives it their own spin but Krajcik’s gritty, textured voice added versatility to the song making him a formidable contender.

He started off his performance in the dark, with only some dramatic back-lighting, for the more intense, mellow intro to the song, before going balls out with the chorus in true Dave Grohl fashion.

After his performance, the judges sang his praises. The contestants on ‘X-Factor’ are competing for a $5 million recording contract, here’s hoping a rocker takes it all!

Watch Krajcik’s performance of ‘The Pretender’ below and decide for yourself!

Watch Josh Krajcik Sing Foo Fighters’ ‘The Pretender’ on ‘X Factor’