Our friends at KFC have combined two Southern traditions into one edible device. Since they've added doughnuts to the menu, it only makes sense they would use these doughnuts instead of using a bun for a chicken sandwich, right?

... right?

Well, I had to buy one to check it out. Instead of slicing the doughnut in half, they literally just use two raised glazed doughnuts for the top and bottom bun. There's a crispy, boneless chicken patty in the middle. No pickles or extra sauces or anything else -- just chicken and doughnut.

It tasted exactly as you'd expect.

It was super-sweet and sticky from the glaze. I'm not used to eating two doughnuts at once, let alone the chicken in the middle of it all. It was good, but the one I ordered was probably my first and last one.

If you just want the doughnuts, that's no problem. They also offer meals that include the doughnuts separate from the chicken. That's probably the best way to go.

I purchased this at the KFC on 40th off of Summitview Avenue, but they're available nationwide.

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