In case you missed all the announcements last week, this is Washington's Free Fishing Weekend.

It's still early enough, head on out! Here in Yakima there are a bunch of area lakes for you and the kids to go fish and actually catch some fun!

Myron Lake, Rotary Lake, and the I-82 ponds offer a ton of state-planted trout.

I hear there are quite a few bass and hungry fish over in Wenas Lake as well.

For boating and kayaking, you can't really beat Rimrock or Clear Lake for proximity. Especially for the quick, unplanned trip.

Other options available on Free Fishing Weekend include:

  • Lingcod on the coast.
  • Bass, crappie, perch and other warmwater fish biting in lakes throughout Washington.
  • Hatchery spring chinook on the lower Yakima River
  • Shad on the Columbia River.
  • Hatchery steelhead on rivers on the Olympic Peninsula.

If you haven't done any June shad fishing, you're missing out. Even if you throw all 50-100 of them you catch right back in the river, it is a ton of fun! One of my favorite spots is at the bottom of the John Day Dam, by the old aluminum plant.

The way shad school, they get in a huge long line that wanders ever so slightly toward the shore.

Casting your jig into the line is instant fun and likely everyone fishing alongside you will have a fish on at the same time you do.

But the main reason you do not catch fish... you don't leave the house! Get out there!


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