2020 once had such promise with a Black Crowes reunion expected for this year and Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton issuing his Ether EP way back in January. Part of that set for Morton was a cover of the Black Crowes classic "She Talks to Angels" with guest vocalist Lzzy Hale and thanks to a socially distanced jam, there's now performance footage to share.

Morton was a guest on the Raise Your Horns podcast with Hale interviewing the guitarist and to coincide with the chat, the two musicians laid down their previously recorded cover, which you can view along with the interview below.

The Ether EP came on the heels of Morton's 2019 solo debut album, Anesthetic, which featured his breakout radio song "Cross Off" that had the late Chester Bennington on vocals. As for the Ether EP, it also included the single "All I Had to Lose" with guest vocalist Mark Morales as well as other contributions from Light the Torch's Howard Jones and John Carbone. The Ether EP is currently available here (As Amazon affiliates, we earn on qualifying purchases). Morton's regular gig in Lamb of God also yielded a self-titled album earlier this year.

Mark Morton + Lzzy Hale, "She Talks to Angels" (Black Crowes Cover)

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