Imagine taking your sweetie to see a shirtless Anthony Kiedis and the boundless energy of Flea and instead getting ... bagpipes? That's the Valentine's Day kerfuffle that Duncan Robb found himself dealing with, as the man shared his error on social media this week.

Robb had planned to take his girlfriend to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but hadn't looked closely enough at the incredibly priced tickets he was purchasing for an early Valentine's Day surprise. The Red Hot Chili Pipers tickets were just $41, which seemed like a bargain for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame act. Imagine the surprise when he found out it was a Scottish covers band.

As you might suspect with that title, the Red Hot Chili Pipers do include bagpipes amongst their variety of instruments, taking on the music of pop and rock favorites. “When I clicked on and got tickets in row Q and for £30 each, I thought what a bargain, there must not be many tickets left and snatched them up straight away," he told Storyful. "Also, I saw the date was February 10, so I could make it into a Valentine’s Day weekend — kill two birds with one stone.”

Robb and his lady love flew from England to Belfast in Northern Ireland for the show. However, the couple did discover the error just prior to making the trip, when Robb's girlfriend went online to try to find out the opening act a couple of days before they left. Making the best of the situation, the couple still decided to attend the show, and Robb also shared video complete with pipers and dancers rocking the stage. “[We] just had to laugh about it - what else was there to do! The only saving grace was that we had found out three days before and not while we were in the arena!" he said. See his tweets and video below.

Speaking to Newsweek, the Red Hot Chili Pipers agent Douglas Gillespie says this isn't the first instance of mistaken identity, but added, “We’re always extremely careful in all advertising. We’ve made sure to put kits and bagpipes on all the pictures. We would never ever try to pass ourselves off as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, we respect them too much."

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