I remember where I was.

I had just drove to WIlliamsburg, Virginia to the campus of WIlliam & Mary for tickets to see the Smashing Pumpkins on their Siamese Dream tour.

Then the radio broke my heart in a million pieces:

"Kurt Cobain was found dead...."

"....apparent gun shot wound..."

That was a really long drive back to Langley, A.F.B. to pick up my dad from work.

The radio kept playing Nirvana for the 45-minute trek.

As time goes by I feel less connected to that pain, though it felt very personal at the time. At least for me and most fans of Cobain that I knew, every single one of us took it personally.

I take the passing of Cobain's 50th birthday pretty personally, too.

Listen all week to the 90's @ Noon for a nice dose of Nirvana each day, plus those bands that were unleashed to the cultural lexicon because of a sensitive blonde-haired kid from Washington.

If you have a few minutes, check out this footage (pre-Dave Grohl) from 1988...

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