I attended the PAX Prime video game convention in Seattle. They had demos for all the new games yet to be released and had some demos of video games and technology that isn't set to be available for quite a while. One thing I finally was able to experience was an Oculus -- a virtual reality headset that puts you in the game. My friend tried it and got motion sick. Will I do any better?

The game I previewed was a game called Pollen. Pollen is a first-person exploration game. Once set the headset was placed on my head, it was as if I were standing in that virtual room. I could interact with just about every object. Once I learned how to throw objects I thought it'd be fun to make a mess of things. If only I could hit the 'reset' button at my house to clean up!

I only played a portion of the demo just to get a feel for it, but loved the experience. I'm already looking forward to seeing what else will be available for the Oculus as well as other VR units like Playstation's 'Project Morpheus' and the Vive.