With the Seahawks fresh off their first Super Bowl win, a local Oklahoma Brewery is now selling Seahawks t-shirts. Only they don't say Seattle Seahawks but that of "OKC Seahawks." Mustang Brewing Company out of OKC posted a photo of the shirts that they would be selling as what they put as a "light hearted joke." However for most Seattle sports fans, OKC robbed Seattle of it's NBA team after owner Howard Schulz sold the team to Clay Bennett and moved the Seattle SuperSonics to OKC. Many fans are still bitter to this day over the move.

To make matters worse, OKC News site NewsOK posted an article about the shirt and threw some more insults at the Seattle fan base.

I don't know about you, but anytime someone mentions OKC and sports to me, I get really irritated. It was bad enough when the OKC SuperSonics t-shirt came out in 2012, but for them to do this right after our beloved Seahawks win our first Super Bowl is not only mean spirited, but down right disgusting. I don't care if you were trying to "make a light hearted joke." Us Seattle fans do not find it funny, especially after you robbed us of our NBA team.

**Update** Mustang Brewing Company has posted a comment about the joke on their Facebook page.

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