To whom it may concern,

I'm a huge fan of Halloween, in general. I, especially, love vising all of the haunted attractions that the Yakima Valley have to offer from the Madd Hatters's Haunt to the Schell's Produce corn maze to the Haunted Train in Toppenish and so many more. There's one thing that Yakima need, however. We need a 3D haunted house.

The picture above came from Terrorfest that I was reading a little about on the rfrpodcast and that would be so cool! Just paint up the room all these cool colors, get those 3D glasses that make blues sink in and reds pop out for an extra trippy effect and have a room or two that you can walk through.

When I lived in Idaho Falls, there was a 3D haunted house that had the walls painted up like this while still having the occasional pop-up from a clown or zombie holding a chainsaw. Y'know, 'haunted house'-type stuff.

So, I'm begging and pleading as we're starting to get close to the Halloween season now that if anyone is thinking about making a haunted house, please bring the 3D effect.

Thank you.

Yours, ect.

John Riggs

Comment below if you agree or on what other features you'd like to see at a haunted house.