It's still a few days away from the 2017 Eclipse, but roads have turned into parking lots and hippies are running their cars out of gas in central Oregon.

My sister and her friends have all traveled down there to join them.

All I wanted to do was go to Fred Meyer and get some watching glasses.

Still, an eclipse like this last happened in 1973, so YOLO y'all!

Madras, Oregon never knew what hit it. I expect they will feel a lot like the poor folks in upstate New York after Woodstock '99. (The so-much-for-peace-and-love Woodstock)

Here's the deal, from folks already there: Be Prepared. Like your days in Boy Scouts.

  • Take gas cans if you can safely do so.
  • Take water.
  • Take your camping gear.
  • Buy tickets to the Gathering online before you leave.
  • There is no electricity. Take batteries and recharging stations for your electronics.
  • Take food. Meals, snacks, stoner essentials.

How you get there is really easy, take Highway 97 south all the way to Madras, Oregon. Watch for the State Patrol to direct you where to go from there. It will take forever.


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