Jacoby Dakota Shaddix was born July 28, 1976, in Mariposa, California. And California was also the starting place for Shaddix's future musical career, founding Papa Roach in Vacaville, California in 1993. The group was named after Jacoby's step-grandfather, Howard William Roatch, who went by the nickname Papa Roach.

The live wire vocalist was able to translate the energy emanating from his personality to the concert stage, with the band starting to garner attention from major labels after 1997's debut album, Old Friends From Young Years. After signing to Dreamworks, Shaddix, who used the name Coby Dick during promotion of the band's first album, saw his star rise quickly thanks to the deeply personal and connecting single "Last Resort" from their breakout album Infest.

Over the next two decades, Papa Roach would remain one of the most consistent bands in the rock world, releasing nine albums over a 20 year period. During that time, they cranked out a remarkable 21 Top 10 Mainstream Rock chart hits.

Though initially catching the ears of listeners with his rap-rock delivery on Infest, Shaddix and Papa Roach saw the limitations of the nu-metal era that berthed their introduction to many fans, evolving their sound over time. Whether it be leaning more hard rock, incorporating electronic elements or even pulling from the pop and hip-hop world, Shaddix and the band always seemed to be a step ahead and consistently remain in the conversation of the best rock bands going.

The personal nature of Shaddix's lyrics and his often passionate delivery of their messages has helped the group build a devoted following. The group has also been at the forefront of finding ways to reach out to their fans. In the latter portion of his career, the vocalist has also been more open about his own personal struggles and become an advocate for mental health and sobriety.

Join us as we celebrate Jacoby Shaddix's birthday, and scan through this gallery of photos of the singer through the years.

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